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Here’s quick and strong way to splice two wires, the linesman splice. Brought to you by Canadian workshop guru and avid YouTuber, AvE.

And an image for quick reference.


Another beautiful film from Petrolicious detailing one owner’s decades-long relationship with his Toyota FJ40.

Here’s a beautiful video from Petrolicious about a man who learned to drive and camp with his parents in a ’50s-era Willys jeep. He still has the jeep and the original camp trailer they would tow. This what camping and making memories is all about.


If you’re thinking about buying a Range Rover Classic (or even if you’re not), you might enjoy this North American promotional video for the 1989 model year.

Could you climb a gigantic sand dune with a 4-cylinder, 2-wheel drive truck? This guy does it. It’s very impressive and just goes to show that momentum counts for a lot, even for getting over less grandiose obstacles.

All photos: Gregory McDonald

This is the last post about 2015’s Overland Expo, West. If you’d like to go this year, it’s taking place in Flagstaff May 20–22.

These are some shots of last year’s obstacle course.


The obstacle course was set up by former Camel Trophy drivers to pose problem solving challenges for the participants.  DSCF4479


This 13,000-lb M35 was on stand-by to help pull out trucks that got stuck.


That’s a lot of truck. It’s also known as a “Deuce-and-a-half” because they can haul a 2-1/2 ton load.


The course was closed for rain for a while but by Sunday it dried out enough to use.


ARB set up this frame twister ramp to demonstrate how their lockers work. I have a set in my truck and like the extra capability they give me. The on-board air required to actuate the lockers is a nice bonus. I use it all the time for airing up the tires.

DSCF4274 DSCF4388

This military Land Rover Defender had super low gearing and was able to tackle the course at idle, without a foot on the gas pedal.

DSCF4389 DSCF4394 DSCF4467 DSCF4469  DSCF4510

Greg’s Mitsubishi out on the course.

Thanks again to Greg McDonald, our friend and intrepid reporter, went to Expo and shot all of these images. And thanks to Overland Expo who provided us press access.

All photos: Gregory McDonald

Overland Expo West, the rally, camping, and training experience, held every year in Flagstaff, Arizona, starts in a week.

Here are some more photos of our friend Greg’s trip there last year.



Someone cruising through camp on a Ural with sidecar.



Matthew Havniear (left) and Dominic Crenshaw (right) from Team Overland, an organization that helps vets with PTSD heal and reintegrate with society by taking them on overlanding adventures.


Last year there was a little rain…


and snow! Hoping for better weather this year!



This is John and Mandi. They’ve been traveling the Pan American highway for more than a year. They and their van were the most colorful thing at the Expo! 🙂




Earthcruisers at the Expo.


The chow line for the bar-b-que.



Greg (left) makes friends from around the world.


Can you spot Greg’s rubber snake, Hubert? He always seems to make an appearance at camp to spook passers by.



Greg’s camp set-up. Tidy and minimal.



Ah!! Oh, Hubert, it’s you…

Here’s a beautifully shot video from Ronny Dahl documenting a trip he and a couple of friends took along the western Australian, north of Perth. They start at a place called Sandy Cape and head south through coastal national parks to end at Wedge Island.

Very nicely done…

All photos: Gregory McDonald

This is our second installment on Overland Expo covering products. Besides the classes and workshops, there’s a whole section of the Expo devoted to vendors. What follows are some of the more interesting ones that Greg, our man on the scene, spotted.

The photo above shows a collection of handmade fire steels by L. T. Wright.

Next year’s Overland Expo will be held May 20–22, 2016 in Flagstaff, Arizona. The event offers a chance to work on your overland driving skills, attend workshops and classes, watch films and demos, and offers a tangible air of camaraderie. They’re already taking reservations. If you’re interested, click here. Read the rest of this entry »

This great video from Jay Leno’s Garage the other day features Montana-based Legacy Classic Trucks and their restomod 6×6 Dodge Powerwagon. Restomods, as you may know, are classic cars or trucks that have updated mechanicals. This truck is powered by a 4-liter Cummins 4-cylinder diesel with mountains of torque. Such a nice truck…