This episode of Motor Trend’s YouTube show, The Downshift, trains its lenses on Jeep’s fantastic new Mighty FC concept as it cruises Moab. In the piece, Mark Allen, Jeep’s head of design, describes the thinking behind the truck and what its like to drive.

He highlights the non-bus-like steering wheel, which is in the same position as in any other Jeep. To me though, a horizontal, bus-like steering wheel would be part of the appeal on a vehicle like this. I imagine that would required the time and effort of an entirely new dashboard design, however.

Also on the trail, as a comparison, they bring along a 1964 Jeep Forward Control crew cab, powered by a 3-cylinder, 2-stoke diesel. Wha?… It’s funny to see the two together. The Mighty FC — I’m getting used to the name, by the way — looks like bulldog. The old Forward Control looks like a loaf of bread.

It’s great to see footage of both of these truck on the road!