I found this on Cool Tools the other day. It’s a Fenix headband mount for your favorite 18–22mm-diameter flashlight. If you pair it with a Fenix E11 flashlight, you’ll have a 105 lumen, side-mounted headlamp that runs on a single AA battery for about $50. The waterproof container on the other side of the headband holds two spare batteries (CR123, AA, or AAA), which will come in handy as the E11 has a max run time of 8 hours and 23 minutes on low power and 1 hour 50 minutes on high power.

If you carry your spare batteries somewhere else, you can install the other included flashlight holder in place of the battery container, and run two flashlights simultaneously. Using a pair of 4Sevens MiniX 123 lights, for example, will give you a whopping 420 lumens of light. If you do, carry a few spare CR123 batteries. Each light will burn through one an hour pumping out that much light. Run them at the low 1.2 lumen setting and they’ll  last for 100 hours or 6.5 hours on 45-lumen, medium setting.

As a comparison, my Petzl Tikka XP 2 headlamp puts out 80 lumens and will run 70 hours at that rate on 3 AAA batteries.

The mounted flashlight can rotate any direction, even straight up, handy when paired with the 4Sevens MiniX’s SOS beacon function.

I haven’t had any personal experience with this system but the headband and both flashlights get high marks on Amazon.

It looks like a versatile system. You can utilize your favorite mini flashlight without having to buy a separate, dedicated headlamp. You can also load this system up with a lot of lighting power, which seems to be its main strength.

The downside is, of course, run time. The Petzl Tikka has comparable power to a single Fenix E11 but lasts over 38 times longer on a battery load.