We recently decided, here at WCXC headquarters, that we are going to pare down, have less stuff, but have nicer stuff. So when it came time to by a new pair of slippers I looked for something nice. Well, these Haflinger Fletcher slippers are really nice. Wool-felt uppers, non-skid rubber sole, they’re solid quality. They’re also $114, which seems like a lot to pay for slippers. That said, they’ll probably last for ten years, whereas the $40 slippers I had before lasted for only two. I’ll probably save money in the end.

If someone’s asking you what you’d like for Christmas, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending these. Try them on first though. Haflinger has another men’s slip-on called the Grizzly that I wasn’t comfortable in. But I have really high arches so I’m probably not a good test case. To me, however, these feel amazing.

Doesn’t Haflinger also make small, agile 4x4s, you ask? Well, Steyr-Puch makes a little 4×4 called the Haflinger. There’s a photo of that after the jump.

Update 11/27: These just went on sale for $97.

Haflinger Fletcher at Online Shoes

Stery-Puch Haflinger • WCXC

The Steyr-Puch Haflinger 4×4, practically the size of a slipper but able to cover rougher terrain.