Well, the future just stopped by to drop off your new 4×4. It’s called the Reboot Buggy. It’s got a 470hp smallblock V8, an independent suspension with 26 inches of wheel travel forward and aft, 40″ tires, and… not much else.

Industrial designer Joey Ruiter designed this 4×4 as a kind of “anti-vehicle,” a response to the technology, gadget, and social media-laden vehicles of today. His inspiration? A 19th-century buckboard wagon. It’s go-anywhere, stripped-down simplicity. He didn’t even figure out where to put a person until about halfway through the design process. It was design for the car’s sake, not for ours. Seeing it go though is something else.

To read more check out the Wired article.

Wired, Reboot Buggy