ComeUp has announced it’s entry into the US winch market. According to their site, they’ve been manufacturing winches for over 37 years and have been the private label supplier to high-quality winch brands in the US. The Icelandic modification shop, Arctic Trucks, uses them. They also got the thumbs up on Expedition Portal the other day. On a technical note, they feature a cone braking system, which locates the brake outside of the drum for more rapid heat dispersion.

The download is: quality winch without the brand name price. For example, a 9,000 lb., 4.6 hp Warn winch costs just over $1000. A 9,000 lb., 4.6 hp ComeUp winch will only set you back $675.95.

ComeUp’s Dv series (pictured) focuses on compact design and light weight. Their Seal series offers waterproof winches. Check out the links below to learn more.

ComeUp USA site

ComeUp DV Series

ComeUp Seal Series

ComeUp article on Expedition Portal