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Here’s a book you may be interested in: Judith Schalansky’s beautifully designed Atlas of Remote Islands. It introduces to the reader 50 of the world’s most remote islands, and offers a 1-page story about each. Schalansky’s writing style is cool and removed, not as remote as the islands she describes, but close.

Still the stories can be fascinating. There is Howland Island, Amelia Earhart’s last destination in the South Pacific. There is Pitcairn Island, home to the mutineers of the HMS Bounty. And Taongi Atoll, where motorboat was found that had left Hawaii nine and a half years earlier with five men aboard. A single grave was found nearby.

While this might not be the best book to read to your kids before bed, it does offer a light shined on the far corners of the earth, so different from our own.

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Atlas of Remote Islands • WCXC