A few weeks ago we decided to get a new spotlight. Our old halogen spot is big, fairly heavy, and stays lit for about 20 minutes per charge, which I was surprised to find, is fairly average performance. Given the advances in LED lighting, I figured an upgrade was in order.

On our wishlist was a water-resistant spotlight that could be charged on 110v or 12v (without running an engine) and provide at least an hour of light at full charge. After some research I selected the Cyclops Sirius 500, which was everything we were looking for and more.

As the name suggests, it packs a 500-lumen punch. Three high-power, Cree LEDs provide a tightly focused beam. Flip the high-low switch and a pull of the trigger will engage six low-power LEDs instead, so you won’t blind yourself looking through your backpack or finding your keys on the camp table.

The Sirius 500 is compact, comfortable to hold, and burns for over 4 hours on a full charge, and that’s on high power. Switch to low (45 lumens) and it’ll burn 10 times as long.

This spotlight is impressive. Rowing ashore the other night we could easily identify buildings that were over 400 yards away.

Other features? A locking ON switch and a red lens, in case you need to preserve your night vision.

All of this for about $56 on Amazon. I was sold.