Lately cheap products have been getting me down. I find myself longing for the well-made, the time-tested, the things that last. As it happened Natalie and I came across an antidote to the cheapening of the consumer landscape on our most recent trip to Idaho: Elko General Merchandise in Elko, Nevada. Quality is all they have.

Walking into the store is like walking into another time. Boots, hats, gloves on shelves and tables, no fancy merchandising systems, the whole place is honest, satisfying simplicity. We checked out knives in a display case and the friendly shopkeeper pulled our selections from a drawer. Natalie picked out an Old Timer pocket knife for planned whittling projects and bought me a Dakota #38 folding knife. Both the gift and the shopping experience were such a treat.

I wish the store well. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re passing through Elko.

To read another blog post on this place, and see some photos, follow the link. More on our Idaho trip to come in future posts!

Elko General Store post at One Trip Pass