Butch turns 200!

Here’s a short, little post while I work on our next SE Asia installment: Malaysia!

The other morning, feeling ambitious, we got up to watch the sunrise on Peaked Hill near Goat Rock State Beach just south of Jenner. The previous evening I’d noticed that the odometer in my Montero (whom we affectionately refer to as “Butch”) stood at 199,992 miles. I knew it was about eight miles to the beach. Sure enough, right before we got there he rolled into his 200,000th mile. I hope he has many more.

There are a couple more nice photos of Natalie, Butch, and me after the jump…

Our whole “watch the start of another beautiful day” idea was a lot colder (39˚F!) and windier than we expected but we toughed it out until the sun cracked over the hill. Then we jumped in the truck, turned up the heat, and hoofed it back home to make omelets—all in all, a really nice morning.

Natalie braves the morning chill in the jacket I had made in Thailand.

Butch, looking pretty good for his age. Natalie looking smiley and cute, as always.

We took a little pre-omlette photograph on on the deck and—dang!—it turned out so nice!