Canvas doors and a color-matched shovel? Right on!

Driving through Cazadero today I was surprised to see the main street lined with late-40s to early-60s jeeps. This was something I didn’t want to miss, so I made a quick u-turn. It turned out that Willys America, a Willys Jeep restorer and parts supplier specializing in frame-off restorations, was having an open house. Sweet!

Check out their About Us page for an interview with the owner and their Restorations page for some nice photos of restored Willys of all stripes.

I really liked this Navy-spec jeep in flat grey.

Simplicity itself. Check out that steering wheel!

The fine print

Jeeps of all types and stripes

The shop interior

A pristine fire captain's jeep

Mil-spec blackout lenses

Check this thing out. I didn’t know that Jeep made a van...

...or firetrucks...

...or polar expedition vehicles. What is this thing!?

A nice PTO winch

Their sign?