If you’re interested in brushing up on your off-road driving skills, you might enjoy these 80s-era Land Rover shorts based on the Camel Trophy Training regimen. These videos give a good overview of techniques for a wide variety of terrains and situations. If nothing else, it’s fun to watch old Defenders and Range Rover Classics doing their thing.

A brief rundown and additional video links to follow…

Part 1 (link)
1. Basic Vehicle Control
2. Driving through Bushes and Obstacles (before Tread Lightly became the rule of the day)
3. Driving in Mud
4. Driving Over Humps and Ditches
5. Driving Side Slopes

Part 2 (link)
6. Winching
7. Water Crossing
8. Sand Driving
9. Driving Steep Slopes

Part 3 (link)
10. Driving Rocky Terrain (Don’t forget left-foot braking here…)
11. Driving in Snow and Ice

Have fun practicing your technique!