All photos: Nik Schulz (Click to enlarge)

This rare 1975 Volvo Tgb 111 started life in the Swedish military but was later converted into an extraodinarily capable off-road camper with the addition of a Maggiolina rooftop tent, custom cabinets, and a heat exchanger for hot water. Only about 8000 of these trucks were produced worldwide, and none of them were officially exported to the U.S. or produced as campers, as far as I know, making this quite an uncommon find.

This ultimate overlander is being offered for $40,000 in Santa Cruz, CA. The seller estimates that it’s covered about 80,000 miles. Click here to email him directly.

Twin spares and a rear winch!

Portal axles are geared to wheels above their center lines offering greater ground clearance.

You may be familiar with the Volvo C303, the Tgb 111’s civilian cousin. Both trucks are known for their portal axles, which provide fantastic ground clearance by gearing the axle shafts into the top of the wheels rather than their centers. Vacuum-locking front, rear, and center differentials are key features, as are the custom front and rear bumpers (each with its own winch!), twin spare tires, jerry can storage, two-piece removable doors, and the 24V electrical system.

The rear bumper houses plenty of equipment and storage lockers.

The truck is powered by the B30 engine, a 3-liter, inline, six-cylinder producing 125 hp and 165 lb⋅ft of torque. The engine is mated to a 4-speed ZF transmission and a 2-speed transfer case. A digital VDO speedometer conversion has been preformed so that the truck reports mph instead of kph. For communication needs, both HAM and CB are included.

Custom cabinets, a sink and pop-top tent

What a great truck…

The view from the cab

The ceiling-mounted CB

The rack inside the rear passenger door holds the removable pieces of the front doors.

The front doors with the top portions removed

Not your typical Volvo

Another front view

Swing-away tire carriers and a rear winch

All photos: Nik Schulz