A new adventure, “The Ice Run” has recently launched. Thirteen lucky teams are in Russia, aboard identically prepared Ural motorcycles (with sidecars), making the 932 mile (1500 km) run from Irbit (home of the Ural motorcycle, just north of Kazakhstan) to Salekhard (which sits directly on the Arctic Circle). This would be an impossibility in the summer as there are no roads in between the two towns. Given the double-digit, below freezing temperatures of the Siberian winter, it may still be an impossibility. At least the winter will provide temporary roads in the form of frozen rivers and tundra.

The above video is a bit of an introduction to the event and is actually pretty funny. You can follow the teams live or check out the Adventurists website for further details.

Yikes—it sounds cold. I wish them all good luck.

In 2001 a group of wacky (but media-savvy) Englishpersons launched an organization called The League of Adventurists International Ltd, dedicated to charity fundraising and adventure having. They’re the ones responsible for all of this frozen, three-wheeled fun.

This is how it works: the group organizes epic (and perhaps dangerous) adventures and invites teams of individuals to take part. The teams are challenged with raising money for charity. Sometimes an adventure is dedicated to a single charity, sometimes it’s the team’s choice.

The event runs until the 24th of February.

Here are the links:

The Adventurists website
The link for following The Ice Run teams live
And here, again, is the link for further details about the event

I found out about this through my friends at Expedition Portal.