I realized I hadn’t written anything about our Southwest trip for awhile and, since we’re heading out on another trip soon, I thought I’d better get cracking. So here it is: Part 3.

After Canyon de Chelly we headed to Sedona, AZ. I’ll tell you right off the bat, it’s not much to see. It is beautifully situated, I’ll give it that. Towering walls of red rock surround it in dramatic fashion, but the town itself looked upscale suburban. We couldn’t even find a historic downtown, just a retail strip.

The road getting there was pretty good though. We came in on Schnebly Hill Road off of Highway 17. (See map below).

There were century plants blooming everywhere and Natalie got out to make friends with the local flora.

The road starts out pretty smoothly but as the views towards Sedona get better, the road gets worse, degrading into rough sections of exposed bedrock.

On the plus side, we did find a very nice, creekside campground outside of Sedona called Lo Lo Mai Springs.

Also worth a look are the Honanki and Palatki Indian Ruins off of FR 525, in the Secret Mountain Wilderness northwest of Sedona. Honanki is a little further down the road and can be viewed without guides. At Palatki a ranger will accompany you into the canyon. These photos are from Honanki.

Before we left, Natalie decided to get bold and lick a cactus.


We camped at Lo Lo Mai Springs. There were lots of amenities like hot showers, pool, and wifi but it was on the pricey side at about $40/night for a tent site.


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