Do you remember when the G500 trickled into the U.S. in tiny numbers and sold for around $130,000? Those were the days before Mercedes-Benz began to officially import them in 2001. Well, one of those $130k G500s is for sale on Expo right now for $17,500.

I like these early trucks because they were fitted with the classic instrument cluster that Mercedes had used for decades: temperature/fuel to the left, speed in the center and tach. on the right. The center control console was classic as well, dominated by those three diff. lock switches.

The officially imported models, however, had an instrument cluster dominated by a single, huge speedo. Weird. Gone too was the classic center control console. A big LCD display was dropped in place and the buttons controlling the truck’s various functions were relegated into meaningless banks. Very un-Mercedes-Benz.

That makes these early models all the more appealing.

This one has 185k+ miles on it but a well-maintained G500 should run forever. It’s located in Arizona.

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