Photo: Mark Watson/Redbull Content Pool

In last Sunday’s New York Times I read an amazing article about two men who recently flew across the heart (and then some) of Texas to break the distance record in their sport: hang gliding.

The article tells of one of them, Jonny Durand, an Australian, waiting for weeks with other pilots for an ideal weather window in the forlorn border town of Zapata, Texas, one of the best places from which to attempt a hang gliding distance record, apparently. He calls the other guy in the story, Dustin Martin, and ribs him for not being there. Martin then drives out the day before the weather window hits. They both end up breaking the old record but one of them flies just a little farther than the other one.

It’s a interesting, entertaining story with equally interesting and entertaining infographics showing just how to keep a glider aloft for over 11 hours. Good stuff.

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