I bought this 12V Ridgid Compact Cordless Drill kit a couple of months ago. It’s a two-speed, reversible drill with a 3/8″ chuck and 300 in-lbs. of torque, which seems like plenty for a drill this size. It feels well balanced and weighted. An LED at the front of the drill lights up when the trigger is pulled to light your work. The 18-setting torque clutch snaps from setting to setting with an easy twist and satisfying click.

The kit also includes a charger which tops up batteries in about half an hour. Instead of leaving the charged battery to languish in the bag, Ridgid included a nice, bright, single-LED flashlight. I haven’t done any formal testing, but using the flashlight doesn’t seem to drain that much power from the battery, so you can still put it in the drill when the drill’s battery runs out.

I was looking for a space-saving drill kit for the boat and I’ve been really happy with it.