OK, this has nothing to do with overlanding, camping, or travel. It’s the Ressence Type 3 mechanical watch and it’s amazingly cool. The Ressence’s sapphire crystal is filled with liquid. Through a trick of refraction, the crystal disappears and the hands and dials appear right on the watch’s surface. It’s a good trick. The watch looks like nothing else out there.

Ressence has taken things a step further and also dispensed with the crown. The watch is wound and set by rotating the clear case back.

To tell the time read minutes and date off the main dial, hours on the largest subdial, and seconds and day of the week on the two smaller subdials. Adding further interest, the minute hand and the three subdials orbit around each other ever so slowly as time passes. Here’s an animated illustration (set to the current time) showing how it works.

Is there a downside? Well, yes. The Type 3 sells for $34,000.

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Link: Ressence Type 3