My fiance, Natalie, has been blogging about our summer sailing adventure over at The West County Bramble. We were out on the boat for 5 months cruising around the San Juan Islands in northern Washington State.

The image above is the Doe Bay store on Orcas Island, one of our favorite spots. (The food in the Doe Bay Cafe is delicious as are the cocktails.) Read the rest of the post for more images or see the posts in full over at the The Bramble.

The West County Bramble


This is the Rosario Resort, a former mansion on Orcas Island. It’s a nice spot to stop if you’re on a boat. The marina is nice and the mansion is beautiful.


We went to a party at the Golden Tree Hostel, a bike and hiker-friendly hostel on Orcas.


This is Moran State Park on Orcas. The view from Mt. Constitution, within the park, is amazing.


The deer at Rosario Resort are very tame. Here I am feeding one a chestnut.


Here’s the pool at Rosario. Access to the pool and spa is included with marina slip fees. Deal!


Our friends Sarah and Christian on the dock at Rosario as a big storm was blowing in.