Unimog T-shirt • West County Explorers Club

Over 10 years ago a friend and I had a clothing company called Snowday, it featured images of two stylish women who were perpetually out doing cool stuff. You can see images here on L-Dopa, on my illustration site. It was mostly t-shirts—we had fun with it. I drew the scenes—my friend Stephanie drew the girls. I’ve loved drawing since I was a kid and now it’s what I do for a living. Still, I sometimes miss just drawing for fun.

Well, I just started drawing for fun again and I thought I’d turn the results into WCXC t-shirts. Here’s the first design. Picture it on the chest of a grey t-shirt and costing about $28. (Click the image for a bigger view.)

What do you think? Would you wear it? We’re happy to hear all thoughts, suggestions, questions in the comments below.