The other day I posted about enduro riding techniques. This post is all about adventure riding skills. One set of resources is the video viewer above. It contains an entire playlist of 26 videos on adventure motorcycle riding brought to you by Offroad Fanatic, which seems to be the YouTube face of South African driver development school, ADA.

I’ll also add a throttle control tip that I learned from former AMA national champion, Rich Oliver, who runs Mystery School, a training facility in central California. Hold the throttle like you hold a screwdriver. This will give you greater precision and enable you to roll the power on in finer increments. It will also force your elbows out and up, which will give you better control.

All the videos in the above playlist are listed (with links) after the jump. So you can either use the list as a guide and skip through videos in the viewer above or use the links to open the videos individually in new browser windows.

Btw, I spent a couple of days at Mystery School a few years ago and found it well worth it.

Adventure Riding Video Playlist :

  1. Adventure Riding s2: Jumping
  2. Adventure Riding s2: The Drop Off
  3. Adventure Riding: 01 Throttle Control
  4. Adventure Riding: 02 The Emergency Stop
  5. Adventure Riding: 03 Riding Through Sand
  6. Adventure Riding: 04 Riding Loose Rocks
  7. Adventure Riding: 05 Picking Up a Bike
  8. Adventure Riding: 06 Riding Through Tight Obstacles – Cones
  9. Adventure Riding: 07 Cornering and Sliding
  10. Adventure Riding: 08 Grinding
  11. Adventure Riding: 10 Failed Uphill Recovery 1
  12. Adventure Riding: 10 Failed Uphill Recovery 2
  13. Adventure Riding: 11 Sand Uphill
  14. Adventure Riding: 12 Holding Long Corners
  15. Adventure Riding s2: Mounting and Dismounting
  16. Adventure Riding s2: The Wheelie
  17. Adventure Riding s2: Static Exercises
  18. Adventure Riding s2: Feet Up on Pull Away
  19. Adventure Riding s2: Traversing Parallel Poles
  20. Adventure Riding s2: Acceleration and Deceleration
  21. Adventure Riding s2: Slow Race
  22. Adventure Riding s2: Riding Downhill
  23. Adventure Riding s2: Riding Uphill
  24. Adventure Riding s2: Cornering
  25. Adventure Riding s2: Circle Riding
  26. Adventure Riding s2: Log Crossing (CAMRY)

Offroad Fanatic’s Adventure Motorcycling YouTube Chanel

ADA Experiential Driver Development, South Africa

Rich Oliver’s Mystery School, California