Here’s an interesting find: a right-hand drive, short wheel base, 70-series, diesel Land Cruiser. Specifically, this is a 1988 BJ74 LX with a 3.4-liter, 13B-T (T for turbo) diesel engine and an automatic transmission. The 13B-T is good for 120 hp and 159 lb-ft of torque. Other highlights include a removable fiberglass top, a factory PTO winch, and a hand throttle (handy for operating the PTO).

This truck also sports a Safari Snorkel and a K&N filter. If you’re interested, double check that pairing. As far as I know, it’s one that Safari doesn’t recommend. The suspension is said to be an Old Man Emu system with a bit of lift. The BJ series was never sold new in North America, making this a relatively rare find, especially with the factory PTO setup.

While this Land Cruiser doesn’t look pristine — and the chrome bull bar is bit much for my taste — it does look presentable and clean underneath. The truck is located in Seattle, Washington, and is said to have 178k miles on the clock. $13,750 is the asking price. See the links for the original ad and some research reading.

Special thanks to our friend Josh in Portland for spotting this one.

More photos after the jump.

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