Imagine Dr. Frankenstein pulling the sheet off his creation and, instead of recoiling in horror, people stood back and said, “Huh… He looks good.”

Well, somewhere under a full moon, in a strange lab in Germany, a dead Type 2 T3 Westy was dissected and grafted on to the back of a living, 1965 Unimog 404 (with a 6-cylinder, gas engine, and a six-speed, manual transmission). It was given twin 33-gallon fuel tanks, a 24-volt, 140-amp alternator, six Hella 4000 driving lights, olive green paint, and a full exo roll cage.

You might think cutting the face off of Volkswagen bus and grafting it onto a Unimog might lead to a horrible freak of nature, but no. This thing actually looks good.

OK–sure. You can’t look too closely. The interior looks like a velour-covered, Unabomber shack. And the roof-top tent has got some tears. But the asking price is $18,500! You can’t get a normal Westfalia Syncro for that. Or a normal Unimog, for that matter. This is both!

Other things to know: 25,000-lb. PTO winch with 300 feet of cable, on-board air compressor, 34,000 kms on the clock. Find this thing in South Chula Vista, near San Diego and the Mexican border. $18,500!

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Thanks to Mas for Spotting this one!

Link trail: Bring a Trailer: Mega Westy > Craigslist: Custom Mercedes Unimog

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For sale I have a custom one of a kind 1965 Mercedes-Benz Unimog 404 imported from Germany.

-Mechanical Specs-

Odometer 33,937KM
6cyl gas Engine (single carb)
6 Speed Manual Transmission
Highway and street legal (55-60mph) 100km/h
Runs great. Built and maintained by professional mechanic and outdoorsman.
Twin 33gal tanks for gasoline
Auxiliary brake booster
Transmission PTO
Tires in like new condition
Slightly oversized tire size (12.5R20)
24volt, 140 amp alternator (converted from generator )

-Exterior Specs & Extras-

12v 6x Hella lights 400
New Olive Green paint job
Has custom bars and rails equipped for holding BBQ (or stove top) and other outdoor equipment.
300ft cable on Wench
25,000lbs capacity

-Interior Specs & Special Features-

Custom interior with dual bench seats
Extendable roof top (88 fabric vw)
Custom accessory frame bars
Interior table
Seats 8 people

An upper and lower bed
Small storage area in rear, as well as other small storage areas for food and equipment.


Spare Tire included
Air compressor equipped

-Asking Price-

$18,500 USD. OBO

[Edit: Phone number deleted]