UST 60-Day Lantern • WCXC

Last summer, while sailing, we looked for a long-lasting, rainproof lantern that we could use as an anchor light, as the anchor light on our boat, with its incandescent bulb, drained our battery in a matter of days. We found this UST 60-Day LED Lantern and then… totally spaced on buying it.

Well, I ordered it recently on the grounds that it’d be great for camping too. We like that it’s splashproof from any direction. Six D-cells will run its four LEDs for 60 days (albeit at low power). The globe can be removed to create a point-source light. It can be clipped from below with a small hook or carabiner to hang upside down. And you can pick one up for less than $60 on Amazon.

Here’s how the three power modes break down:

High power: 508 lumens (which is nice and bright), lasts 3 days
Medium power: 200 lumens (reasonably bright), lasts 7 days
Low power: 18 lumens (pretty dim), lasts 60 days

I’m also impressed with the build quality. It feels solid and robust.

The downside? It doesn’t have the charm of our old Coleman 200A gas lantern. Then again, there are no broken mantles, leaky valves, or clogged generator tubes to deal with. Just touch the button and turn on the light.

UST 60-Day Lantern, official site
Amazon: UST 60-Day Lantern