The Ford Bronco in this video is a remote control, 1/9th-scale model. It was hand built, out of wood, by Headquake RC Creations, which seems to be a guy working happily in his workshop in rural Ontario, Canada.

The level of detail is amazing—the miniature driver has foam arms and looks like he’s steering—and it’s fun to watch them roam their magically out-of-scale worlds. There are more videos after the jump.

Headquake’s YouTube Channel

Headquake’s Facebook page

RCCrawler: Forum post in which he talks about his process
First spotted on Offroad Action

In this video watch a 1977 F150 RC truck being built from scratch.

In this one, a 1/5th-scale, 2-1/2-foot-long, 16-lb. Ford Escort rally car is filmed at 60 fps, then slowed down to half speed, and synced with real rally car audio. The last half of the video shows natural speed and sound.

Headquake RC Grand Cherokee • WCXC

Headquake’s first wooden build, a 1989 Grand Cherokee. Great stuff.