The early Jeep, it’s about as plain as a cardboard box, and about as versatile too. It’s an honest thing—the essence of the 4×4. You can’t distill it down to get anything simpler. And here’s one for sale, a Willys CJ-2A from 1946, the first year of production. It came with a 60 hp, 4-cylinder engine good for 105 lb-ft of torque, a 3-speed transmission, and a 2-speed transfer case.

This one has been treated to a three-year, father-and-son rebuild. The engine was rebuilt as well, but the job was done by a professional. It has a new Solex carburetor, 12V electrics, larger-than-stock rear brake drums. I love the side-mounted spares on these.

This jeep is available for the more-than-reasonable price of $6,000 in northern Idaho.Click through at the end of the post to read the original ad text.

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Original ad text:

Restored and almost original, first year of the civilian jeeps. In great condition and well cared for. Runs great and is quite a head turner on those summer weekends. Street legal, three speed manual trans. High/Low range transfer case, 4X4. Original parts, not installed, like oil-bath air cleaner, included. E-mail for info.

I originally picked this Jeep up in 2000, when a friend got it as an add-on to a deal for a back-hoe. He wasn’t interested in it, so I adopted it, and began the long process of restoring it. Over the next few months, my son and I disassembled it, piece by piece. Once we had the body removed from the frame, I began to repair decades of wear and tear.

Overall, it took three years of winter nights and weekends to get the job done. The Willys crowning achievement was retracing 150 miles of Applegate-Lassen pioneer trail in northern Nevada. It’s also been to Elephant Hill in Canyon Lands, and Moab Utah–its second life is almost certainly more scenic than it’s first!

Just had Big Al’s Auto (classic car restoration) install a new Kaiser-Willys front axle (this is where the Jeep is located). Big Al also did the original engine re-build, with new crank, bearings, rods, pistons and valves. My idea with resto is I wanted it start, steer and stop.The leakly Rochester carb has been replaced with a new Solex carb. The electrics have converted to 12 volt. The rear 1×9″ brake drums were replaced with 1 1/2x 10″.

The only reason I’m looking to sell it is that my wife and I are now full-time RVers. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to tell you more about this classic Willys.