Dear Readers,

First off, a couple of apologies. If you’re on my newsletter list, you already know that I moved the site to a self hosted server from and managed to trash my subscriber list. If you’d like to keep getting notice of posts by email, click the “Subcribe” link above and put your email address in the second text box. I’m sorry that got goofed up.

And speaking of posts, apologies for the lack of them lately. For the last few months my goal had been to write a post a day but I hit a wall in April. The time I was devoting to WCXC started cutting into my paid illustration work. I write this site, and maintain our Pinterest boards without any income and it’s really brought me to a crossroads.

I’m not looking for donations but rather your feedback. I don’t think it will be feasible to continue at rate I’ve been posting without earning some kind of income but I’d also rather not take anyone’s money unless I provide something of real value. So would you mind, if I bounce some ideas off you, valued WCXC readers?

Please reply in the comments. Ideas for WCXC can be found after the jump. Thanks!

General feedback:
Do you find the site valuable? What do you value most about it? Is there anything you’d like the site to do or provide that it doesn’t currently?

How often do you like to read posts? Every day? Every week? What type of posts do you like best?

Member Area:
What do you think of keeping the daily posts free but having a paid member area where all of the posts are neatly organized so you can quickly find ones about the topic you’re interested in. The member area could also have neatly organized links from around the web for researching things like Land Cruisers, How to Buy an Overland Vehicle, that kind of thing. Does that sound interesting?

Would some well-designed maps of trips we’ve taken be helpful? For example, WCXC could sell maps of our Overlanding in the Land of Twain trip. It would show the route we took through the eastern Sierras, campsites, points of interest, so you too could follow in the footsteps of Mark Twain. We did some amazing stuff on that trip: had dinner and camped on a 7000′ mountain, visited ghost towns, drove though gorgeous hills in the middle of nowhere. Would you like a map of that trip so you could do it too?

WCXC Merch:
What do you think of WCXC t-shirts, stickers, hats, jackets?

How do you feel about the site having ads?

We camp, practice overland skills, sit around the campfire. Does that sound interesting?

Week-long or multi-day guided trips. We provide the food. What’s that worth?

Local meet and greets:
Meet people that like to hit the trail just as much as you do, make plans, make friends. Maybe we even have guest speakers.

WCXC Equipment library:
Need a Pull-Pall, PowerTank, Highlift, etc.? Borrow it from the WCXC Equipment Library. Interesting?

What do you think? Do those seem valuable?

If you have others ideas or feedback, I’d be happy to hear them.

Thank you,