Last Sunday I took Illabot Creek Rd., in Washington’s Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, up to the Slide Lake trailhead for some winter fun and snow driving. Here are some photos and some trip notes at the end in case you go.

Chained up and ready to go.

Landslide at 13.8 miles in.

This huge rock looked like a recent roadside addition.

A huge tree down over the road at 19.0 miles in. I was able to pass underneath.

The truck at the Slide Lake trailhead, 20.3 miles in.

At 20.4 miles the road is blocked with huge logs.

These were all taken near the Slide Lake trailhead.

Chain tracks!


Trip notes with GPS mileage:

0.0 miles – Illabot Creek Rd. starts at Hwy 530
11.7 miles – landslide, cleared
13.8 miles – landslide, passable
15.4 miles – huge fallen rock at side of road
18.8 miles – tree over road, passable
19.0 miles – huge tree over road, passable
20.3 miles – Slide Lake trailhead
20.4 miles – road ends

A map: