The Essential Geography USA, 2nd edition, David Imus, 2019

Cartographer David Imus has just released the 2nd edition of his map of the United States. In my view, it is the most beautiful, articulate map of this country ever made. The 1st edition of this map, called The Essential Geography USA, was awarded “Best of Show” in 2012 at a competition held by the Cartography and Geographic Information Society. The 2nd edition is even nicer in that the shading of the land forms is more delicate and interferes less with the place names. The image above is a sample from the 2nd edition. Below (Read more) is a sample of the 1st edition so you can see what I mean.

The clarity with which this map conveys information is stunning.

The Essential Geography USA, 1st edition, David Imus, 2010

Here’s a link where you can purchase the map:

When you go there, click the button on the map viewer that I’ve highlighted in the image below. It will enable you to view the map in all of its full-screen glory.

The map measures 50″ x 35.3″ and can be had for $35 in a rolled tube or a mere $15 for a folded version. Laminated maps and quantity discounts are also available.