In an effort to have an emergency shelter for anytime of year, I recently bought a “hot tent” (a tent that can be heated) and a camp wood stove to go along with it. I’d like to try it as well for 4-season overland camping.

I found two companies that both make tipi-style hot tents and camp stoves that seem to offer good value. The first is a Norwegian company called Gstove. The second is a Chinese company called Pomoly.

Pomoly HEX Plus tent
I bought the 4–6-person HEX Plus hot tent from Pomoly. It’s a clever, one-pole tipi design. The rest of the tent gets staked and guyed out. It’s made of a material that’s reflective on the inside to maintain heat and has a port for a camp stove chimney. The idea is that you set up the wood stove in one half of the tent. In the other half you rig an internal tent with a watertight bottom and mosquito netted windows for your bedding and sleeping. The tent measures over 14′ across, almost 9′ tall, and sleeps about three people per side. Two sides of the hexagonal tent open as doors. The outer and inner tents together cost about $390.

Link: Pomoly 4-6-person HEX Plus

Gstove camp stove
The camp stove I bought is from Gstove. It’s a stainless steel stove with a glass front, two built in drying racks, an internal grate to promote good airflow, and several feet of chimney pipe. It seems to be lots of people’s favorite. The XL version sells for $307.

Link: Gstove Heat View XL Camping Stove


Gstove Tipi tent
Gstove also makes a 3–5 person tent. It doesn’t have an available inner tent but there is an optional ground tarp that zips in. It has one opening door and stands almost 8′ tall. Set up with options similarly to the Pomoly, the Gstove tipi would cost $395. They also make a 7–9-person version.

Link: Gstove Nature View Tipi 3-5 Hexagon


Pomoly camp stove
Pomoly makes a titanium camp stove with a window on the long side so it’s more like a fireplace. It costs $429.

Link: Pomoly T1 Vision camp stove