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I recently came across the band CHVRCHES, a synth pop trio from Scotland. I especially like this paired down live version of their song “The Mother We Share,” the studio version of which appears on their 2013 debut album The Bones of What You Believe. 

The music is catchy and the lead singer is both adorable and lovely to listen to.

CHVRCHES Wikipedia page
CHVRCHES on Soundcloud

Another album in heavy rotation here at WCXC is Lonesome Dreams, the 2012 debut offering from indie folk rockers, Lord Huron. The songs roll right along, and there’s something dreamy and transporting about them. Good for the road and good for listening at home.

The video for “Time to Run,” above, filmed like an old Western, with foreign-language subtitles, is pretty great.

Lord Huron will be touring the US and Canada from the end of January to early March. Shows are starting to sell out. Definitely worth a look.

Lord Huron’s site
Lord Huron Wikipedia page

We’ve been listening to a lot of Heartless Bastards lately. They’re an American band with a gritty, rocking style. Their music is catchy and just plain good. Both of these songs “Parted Ways” and “Only for You” are from their excellent, 2012 album Arrow.

If you happen to live in Texas, anywhere near Laredo, you can catch them at Old No. 2 Bar and Grill on the 25th of January.

For the longest time, when Natalie and I would listen to music, and Alexi Murdoch would come on, I’d say, “I like this. Who is it?” or “Wow, this good. Who is this again?” Her answer was always, “It’s Alexi Murdoch.” After a few rounds of that, I finally got his name down.

His music really is quite good. Folkie, contemplative, rich. Natalie bought his first album Time Without Consequence as an intuition buy. She picked a winner. This song, “Slow Revolution”, is off of his 2011 release, Towards the Sun. Have a listen.

Links: Alex Murdoch official site > Wikipedia page

The other day I heard a good Camel Trophy-based Puzzler question on Car Talk. The basic gist of it was this: in qualifying for the Camel Trophy, one member of each two-man team was asked to drive a certain course. The other team members were then asked to drive the same course in as close to the times of their partners as possible. All this was to be done without clocks or watches.

The winning team got very close to the same time. How did they do it?

Click here to hear Tom and Ray read the question.

Click here to hear the answer.

Something else that we’re listening to: The Naked and Famous… from New Zealand. This is a live version of their song “Young Blood,” from the album Passive Me • Aggressive You.

What we’re listening to: Of Monsters and Men, from Iceland. This song “Dirty Paws” is from their album My Head is an Animal.

Reggie Watts makes awesome sound like music.

Here he is doing a soundcheck at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal last summer. So good!

Not every post has to be about trucks. 🙂