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All photos: Mimi Haddon

My friend Mimi, a talented, LA-based photographer, and her husband, Reynald, recently returned from Japan, where they walked the Nakasendo Way, a historic route connecting Kyoto and Tokyo. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sharing some images from their trip on WCXC and she graciously agreed.

What follows is Mimi’s description of the trip in an email. Below that is a gallery of her images.

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I spotted this long-wheelbase, right-hand-drive, Nissan Patrol G60 on Bring a Trailer the other day. Here in the US, the Patrol always seemed (to me anyway) like the lost icon of Japanese four-wheel drive. I see them mentioned all the time. In fact, they can be found on any continent in the world — they love them in Australia — yet they were never shipped to North America. That goes for this one as well, by the way. It’s located in Hiroshima, Japan. Seeing as it’s over 25-years-old, however, feel free to bring it over.

This particular model is from near the end of the second generation’s production cycle, which ran from 1960 to 1980. The styling is more quirky and less iconic than either the Land Cruiser or Land Rover (both of which it seems to imitate in equal measure). It has its own unique charm though. Check out the 3-wiper folding windscreen, the amazing color, and the skinny tires on steel wheels. I bet it would look even better without the weird, red top.

Find it on Goo-net where the ad mentions that it’s “ordinary engined” and “commonly used.” Is that good? I’d ask. The mileage is listed as an astounding 10,000km (~6200 mi.). They’re asking US$22,400.

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