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Australian off-road motorcycle racer Chris Hollis enjoys a relaxing day at home in New South Wales, piloting his KTM around the back forty. Pay close attention at 0:36. That’s a nice move.

I like seeing a guy ride with this much speed and skill. Well done. And well shot by Shane Fletcher. The music is M83, “We Own the Sky.”


In case you have a cast-iron pan in your chuck box that you’d like to clean before camping season, or you’ve found a new-to-you, crusty, garage sale find, the blog I Believe I Can Fry has a great post on how to get the most grizzled pan looking new again.

I Believe I Can Fry: Reconditioning & Re-Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware

Here’s a good video demo video from Bridgestone Australia for their latest Dueler light truck tire. It’s got some nice off-road footage and some basic driving suggestions.


The Aussies know what they’re doing when it comes to overland travel. Here’s a great video of a bunch of guys with the Australian magazine, 4WD Action, heading up the Old Telegraph Track (known there as the Tele Track), a straight, 60+ mile shot up the Cape York Peninsula in northern Australia. They were the first ones up there this year. It looks like a very challenging trail with lots of mud and water crossings.

I made a map of all of the water crossings they mention in the video. To see it, read the rest of the post.

Link trail: Expo > YouTube Read the rest of this entry »

It’s times like this that you really want to trust your snorkel install and waterproofing job. This video is from New South Wales, Australia via YouTube. Once your windshield wipers are under water, you know you’re in deep.

Scott Brady, founder Expedition Portal and publisher of the Overland Journal, headed out last month on a two-year trip he and his team are calling Expeditions 7, in which they’ll cover some of the most historically significant overland routes on each of the seven continents, including Antarctica. They recently arrived at the Arctic Ocean, on the first leg of their trip. Read the rest of this entry »

This fantastic Land Cruiser promotional video from the early 1980s, called Getting Through, demonstrates various driving skills filmed throughout Australia. It features footage from sandy beaches to snowy mountain tops and covers the following:

Rocky terrain
River crossings
Beach and dune driving
Winch anchoring
Snow driving

The tips and techniques (many of which were new to me), and animated illustrations are excellent. The vintage TV-detective-show soundtrack and mustaches are hilarious.

Very informative, very entertaining, and highly recommended.

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Canadian video editor Luc Bergeron sampled almost 180 clips to create this 4-minute trip around the world. He mated the fast-paced, quick-cutting footage to a haunting song called “Wolf” by the Swedish sister duo, First Aid Kit.

The resulting piece, Welcome to Earth, is remarkably beautiful and will almost certainly spark the urge to travel.

Clicking the still image above or the title link will take you to a page where you can watch the video. It’s definitely full-screen worthy.

What is it with Australia? There’s been so much cool stuff cool stuff bubbling up from down under lately.

I recently discovered Melbourne-based Bandit Films a production company with a great eye and a hot-rod aesthetic. In this short piece they visit Factory 6, a garage in Melbourne rented by six friends pursuing various car-related hobbies. Sounds fantastic.

In the video they mentioned Melbourne’s vibrant graffiti scene. I can report first hand that it is indeed amazing. Here’s a link to a Flickr Set of graffiti I shot in Melbourne in 2007.