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A couple of weeks ago we posted the Offroadpeople 2011 video. This is the 2012 version of their off-road motorcycle trip from Moscow toward the Urals. It’s videos like these that make you want to grab your friends and go.

It’s also videos like this that make you say, “Huh, I didn’t know you could remove a tick with a piece of thread. Very clever.”


Let me start by saying this video is amazing. Now let’s backup. There’s a group called The Adventurists. They host absurd rallies, donate to charities, and throw big parties at the end. One of their events, The Mongol Rally is a 10,000-mile bash from London to Ulan Bator (the capital of Mongolia) in a 1,000-cc (or less) car. What!?

Many people accepted the challenge. A group of Swiss guys calling themselves Team PZM decided to go it one better by piloting their crap Fiat through Iran, Pakistan, and China. Armed guards, ferrying over a seriously flooded highway, amazing views, and friendly people. This looks like an epic adventure.

Want to go next year?

The Adventurists
Mongol Rally info/sign-up page

OK, this one is epic. Twenty-four Russian motorcyclists ride a 14-day, 4,000 km loop through the Ural Mountains. 1,400 kms of the trip are off-road. Half the time there aren’t any roads at all. And the other half, they’re nothing but mud holes. Lots of river crossings, lots of open country. Lots of crashes, lots of teamwork. It looks like it was quite an adventure. Cue Russian folk music!

Here’s a Pinzgauer 712K with a cool, camo paint job going for a drive in what appears to be the Russian Countryside. Quite a nice little video.

I found this great video on Expo the other day. In 1995 Austin Vince and seven friends went traveling around the world on motorcycles along the longest route possible. They started in their home country of England and covered about 40,000 miles visiting 44 countries. Great stuff.

Scott Brady and the crew from Expeditions 7 have been traveling around the world in their 70-series Land Cruisers since last year. Here’s Segment 3 of their journey: crossing Russia and driving the Road of Bones to Magadan, on the country’s far eastern shore.

Scott Brady, founder Expedition Portal and publisher of the Overland Journal, headed out last month on a two-year trip he and his team are calling Expeditions 7, in which they’ll cover some of the most historically significant overland routes on each of the seven continents, including Antarctica. They recently arrived at the Arctic Ocean, on the first leg of their trip. Read the rest of this entry »

A new adventure, “The Ice Run” has recently launched. Thirteen lucky teams are in Russia, aboard identically prepared Ural motorcycles (with sidecars), making the 932 mile (1500 km) run from Irbit (home of the Ural motorcycle, just north of Kazakhstan) to Salekhard (which sits directly on the Arctic Circle). This would be an impossibility in the summer as there are no roads in between the two towns. Given the double-digit, below freezing temperatures of the Siberian winter, it may still be an impossibility. At least the winter will provide temporary roads in the form of frozen rivers and tundra.

The above video is a bit of an introduction to the event and is actually pretty funny. You can follow the teams live or check out the Adventurists website for further details.

Yikes—it sounds cold. I wish them all good luck.

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