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It’s only a couple of months until the Dakar Rally starts up again in January. Until then you can watch the best of 2012 in this action packed video.

The 2012 Dakar Rally was run over 15 days in January along a 5,000+ mile route from Argentina, through Chile, with the finish in Lima, Peru. Over 500 competitors ran in four classes: motorcycle, quads, cars and trucks.

Each of the rally’s 14 stages is covered in half-hour highlight reels on YouTube, if you really want to dig in or, for a quick taste of the action, check out this 2012 promo video. The sight of a 10-ton rally truck drifting through a corner (1:09) is pretty amazing.

The rally has been run in South America since 2009. I’ve posted the route map below. Race results are in the text link above.

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In western Brazil, north of the intersection of the Peruvian and Bolivian borders, lives a tribe that has never had contact with the outside world.

It turns out that time travel is possible and you don’t need a time machine to do it. Just travel sideways across the surface of the earth until you get to headwaters of the Andirá River. In so doing you will have traveled back tens of thousands of years. There will be problems in crossing this distortion in time, however. First of all, they’ll most likely shoot arrows at you if they see you coming. And you, with your modern germs and viruses, could kill them with a mere sneeze.

In fact, modern diseases, and land encroachment by loggers and oil drillers, are the main concerns of those advocating on behalf of these people. The above footage, filmed by the BBC, is fascinating. In lieu of time travel, it’s the next best thing.

Here’s a link to Survival International who working to bring attention to the situations faced by tribal peoples.

And here’s a petition you can sign on behalf of tribes in Peru.