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The overlanding worlds’s favorite sometimes-prickly off-road expert, Andrew St.Pierre White takes you on a deep dive into the realm of 4×4 driving skills in this full-length, vintage video. Driving in all terrain types is covered, as well as driving a classic 4×4 set-up and how it differs from more modern, computer-controlled 4x4s.

How good is the most expensive Lexus? The YouTube channel Ignition aims to find out.

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I just spotted this Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab flatbed pick-up on Craigslist. I’ve always had a soft spot for these drop-side trucks. According to the ad it’s had some interior work done and it looks to be in good condition. The ad doesn’t state the engine type but this generation came equipped with engines ranging from 1.6 to 2.0 liters.

The truck is located in the San Francisco Bay Area with an asking price of $15,800.

Link: Craigslist

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This is the latest installment in what looks to be an ongoing series of beautiful videos from Vincent Urban and crew about their 2012 trip to South America via Land Rover.

See the first part here.


We recently finished reading Kon Tiki, the book in which Thor Heyerdahl, and five companions, set sail from Peru in the late 1940s, in a homemade raft of stone-age design, to prove that Polynesia could have been settled from South America.

Say what you will about his anthropological theories but the book is an adventure story par excellance.

Upon realizing that he could not convince the group to give up their quest, one of the Peruvian Navy officers, on hand to assist the expedition before their launch, said something like, “Your parents will be saddened to hear of your demise.”

And then they set sail.

We were riveted reading about the glow-in-the-dark seas, the would-it-hold-together creaking of the raft, and the giant whale sharks that trailed it.

Oh, did I mention that they drove jeeps down from the Andes into the balsa forests to fell the logs for the raft themselves, then basically rode the logs downriver to the coast? That’s when men were men, my friends.

If you’re not reading anything at the moment, pick it up. It’s fantastic.