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In these two videos, South African 4×4 expert Andrew St. Pierre White puts 30 years of off-road experience into building a Land Cruiser 70-Series. He aims to create the most robust and simple-to-operate rig he can.

The first video shows the build, which includes a custom interior, roof-top tent, and suspension modifications.

In second video, he and his daughter take the new Land Cruiser out into the bush where Andrew goes into further detail about the trucks features, including the newly fitted turbo-charger.

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I’m back for a few days before heading up north through the Mendocino and Six Rivers National Forests next week and will put up some posts while I’m here.

Photo: Greg Mac Donald

Well, I’m heading out for a few weeks, first to the Sierras for a solo trip and then back through the Mendocino and Six Rivers National Forest with Greg and my girlfriend, Natalie. More posts when I get back!

Take care ’til then.


If you live in the Western and Southwestern United States, southern China or Japan, go out and see the eclipse today. Viewers along the exact path of the eclipse will see an annular ring, meaning the moon will be centered on the sun but won’t appear big enough to cover the entire solar disk, leaving a ring of light around the shadow of the moon.

In the U.S., the eclipse will start around 5:15pm PST, reach a maximum around 6:30pm PST and end around 7:30pm PST. Here’s a link to, which has exact times and locations. Be patient with the server. They have heavy traffic today.

Or check this NASA Google Map. Clicking on the map will give you the exact times for that location.

Update: Link to the site is fixed.

We’ve published 100 posts! It’s been a great year and a bit of adventure since starting the blog in 2010. I hope you’re enjoying as much as I am!

Here’s a look at WCXC headquarters in Sonoma County, CA. The photo on my screen was taken by my friend Greg as he, and my girlfriend and I, headed through the Bodie Hills last fall on our Overlanding in the Land of Twain Trip.

The Sturgeon’s Mill post was our 50th post!

Please let us know what you think of the blog and if there are any types of posts you’d like to see.


I was stunned to hear that Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. It was my exposure to his first Macs in the 80s that opened my eyes to the world of industrial design, the field I went on to study. Over the years I’ve watched, jaw agape at times, as he and his teams at Apple, my friends among them, created not only some of the world’s most beautiful products, but created the very tools and environments that made creativity—and life—in the digital age possible.

To me a Mac represented a creative ideal. I always felt that if I could do work as good as the box I was creating it on, I’d be alright. I still do.

Mr. Jobs, for your design advocacy, for your eschewing of focus groups, for your leadership and vision, for all you’ve done to make our digital world a better place, I thank you.

Happy Holidays wherever your travels take you.

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