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Here’s a classic overlander for sale on Expedition Portal. It’s a 1972 Land Rover Series IIA Dormobile. These Land Rovers were modified by the Dormobile company with the addition of a sink, stove, and integrated tent roof.

This one is said to have a rare, 2.6-liter, 6-cylinder engine and about 50,000 miles. According to the ad, it needs a little bit to address the brakes and a leaky gas tank but at $12,000 it may be a pretty good buy.

It’s located in Golden, Colorado. More photos after the jump.

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Here’s an unusual find from the forums on Expedition Portal. This 4×4 camper started life in 1977 as one of five custom-designed maintenance trucks commissioned for the Netherlands Railway Authority. In 1995 the rear utility cab was retired in favor of a camping unit outfitted to house up to four people. Very handy, since the DoKa cab seats up to four as well.

From what I can glean from the posts, truck has covered about 75,000 miles. It has 8 forward gears, 4 reverse, and high-speed axles. It carries about 100 gallons of water and about 140 gallons of fuel, giving a range of 1400 miles, give or take. The owner is asking $24,000, however, there is a catch.

The original, normally-aspirated OM352 engine is shot. The current owner has sourced a new turbocharged motor which is included in the sale and needs to be installed. In an additional wrinkle, the turbocharger is said to make the motor 4″ taller, thus precluding it from fitting into the old engine compartment. Some have suggested a cab lift. Others have suggested relocating the turbo.

Are you interested in taking on this near-one-of-a-kind expedition vehicle? Here’s a link to the forum post. The truck is located in Portland.

More photos after the jump.

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If you’re looking for an interesting rally vehicle, you could do worse than this 1987 VW Vanagon in full German ambulance spec. The ad on The Samba states that the sirens and lights work, and that the original stethoscope, medical kit, and rubber gloves are included.

Mechanically, it features a euro-spec 2.1L, carbureted, water-cooled engine, a manual transmission, and Syncro ride height (though it’s not a Syncro).

This unique German vehicle is listed in Grass Valley, CA for $6000 obo.

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Have you ever wondered how your manual transmission worked? I was never able to visualize it until I saw this video.

Check out this innovative camper. Not only does the Doubleback top pop like a traditional VW camper, but the back also telescopes out, doubling the usable interior space. This clever camper is based on the European VW T5.

If you’re heading to the U.K., you can pick one up for about £55,000.


Check out this nicely done VW Syncro turbo-diesel, with locking differentials. It was given the expedition-vehicle treatment for a German TV show and features built-in, PC-based navigation and multiple cameras for capturing the off-road action.

Here’s a link to the translated article. And here’s one to the image gallery.

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A friend of mine just told me about the Cricket Trailer. It’s a lightweight, pop-up trailer for sports adventures or basic camping with a small family. It has clever features like ambient LED lighting, “loft” sleeping for kids, wide doors on the side and rear for getting gear in and out, and an optional rack for putting more gear on the roof. The rear door opens upwards, simultaneously creating an airy opening to the living space and a shade structure.

The windows are also very clever. A shade can be pulled up from below and a mosquito screen can be pulled down from above. You can slide the point where they meet down, or up, so you can have 100% shade, 100% mosquito screen, any combination in between, or no screens at all.

It comes in two floor plans (one with a couch/bed, one with a “v-berth”). Both include a sink, portapotty, and shower sprayer. You can hose off inside or out.

It looks like a very stylish, very well thought out trailer. Well done!

See the rest of the post for a video tour.

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I can’t imagine hauling a camper on 4×4 trails. Leave it to the Australians to try. The Gall Boys give it some wellie. If you haven’t seen this one, it’s pretty great.

Thanks for the tip, Greg!

My girlfriend, Natalie, discovered this great picture on Pinterest the other day. This happy little Type-2 Camper graces the pages of a book called My Cool Campervan, by the across-the-pond duo of Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon. The book features 30+ camper vans across 160 retro-inspired pages.

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