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I’ve always liked the UAC TurboTrain, a high-speed, gas-turbine train that debuted in the late 1960s, which looked especially good in Canadian National Railway livery. See a collection of images on ISO50, excellent blog of designer and musician Scott Hansen.

If you can get past the pomp and circumstance, here’s some nice footage of 1930s-era, high-speed rail in action. The film shows The Coronation Scot, an English steam train, reaching 114mph on a test run between the stations of Crewe and Euston.

Put into service in honor of the coronation of King George VI (hence all of the pomp and circumstance) it offered regular service between London and Glasgow, a 400-mile run which it made in 6.5 hours.

Today’s trains make the journey 4.5 hours albeit with less style.

There’s something so great about vintage, narrated travel films. To make them easier to find on WCXC, I’ve added a new category called “Vintage Video.” It includes all of the vintage overlanding, off-road, and travel videos on the site. To find it, scroll down to the bottom of any page and look for MEDIA > Videos > Vintage or click on “Vintage” in the Category links at the bottom of any Vintage Video post.

Or just click here: Vintage Video on WCXC


If, like me, you’re inexplicably fascinated by construction sites but don’t have the time or the wherewithal to spend all day watching them, you’ll enjoy this.

I recently came across this time-lapse film of the corner of 30th and Church in San Francisco where, in mid-October of this year, MUNI replaced some tracks. This amazing video handily compresses three-and-half days (and about a million dollars’ worth) of ’round-the-clock construction into about twelve readily-watchable minutes. Consider it armchair travel.

This short film was posted on Vimeo by user Ken Murphy. Watch it here or click this link.