In case the Unimog video I posted the other day got you thinking about a ’Mog of your own, check out this restored, 1974 Unimog 406 Doka diesel — “Doka” being mog-speak for “crew cab.”

The ad says it has crawler gears, a custom truck bed, and a manual crane. I guess that’s how you lift stuff into the truck bed? This one doesn’t come with a PTO or hydraulics but it looks like the PTO port and brackets are there.

I first saw Unimogs from this era as a kid visiting family in Germany and thought they were amazing even then. I like the burnt orange paint and don’t even mind that the top speed is 50 mph.

The ad also states 23,450 miles, 3,475 hours. 500 miles since restoration. The asking price is $27,500. Located in the Garden State.

Update: This truck is no longer available.
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