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For the last couple years or so my 4-wheel-drive system has been engaging intermittently. Normally I’d shift the transfer case lever into 4 High and the green lights in the instrument cluster, indicating the status of the front wheels, would blink (four-wheel drive engaging), then go solid (in four-wheel-drive). In the last couple of months though, the lights wouldn’t stop blinking, a sign that the system wasn’t able to engage the front axle.

I had ordered the factory shop manuals for the truck a while back, so I decided to see if I could fix it myself. Also, my mechanic explained to me that my Gen 2 Montero engages 4-wheel-drive by connecting the right-front axle shaft to the front differential by means of a vacuum-powered actuator. (That’s different from the Gen 1, which has auto-locking hubs.) Armed with that knowledge I looked up the actuator in the manual and noticed that it recommended greasing the actuator rod.

I got under the truck, removed the skid plates, pushed aside the rubber boot and saw that the grease, where the rod entered free-wheeling clutch housing (red arrow), was old and jelly-like. I cleaned out the old crud, packed it with fresh grease, reattached the boot, and left the whole thing sit while I reinstalled a pair of marker lights in the bumper.

When I took the truck for a test drive an hour later and shifted into 4 High, the indicator lights flashed briefly, then immediately went solid. Whoo-hoo! An easy fix!

I recently had a set of ARB locking differentials installed in the truck and it was irritating that I had this great new gear and yet the basic four-wheel-drive system wasn’t working. That made this quick fix all the more satisfying.

Update 02/04/2015

This situation came up again recently. I think water crossings may be a factor since the boot on the actuator rod isn’t water tight. Again, I cleaned out the old grease, sprayed WD-40 to drive out any water, then re-greased both ends of the rod. It’s working again.

I also found this link helpful:

This rare, ex-Utah Forest Service Dodge crew cab 4×4 with a PTO winch is currently on sale in Utah via ebay Motors. The seller states that it’s equipped as a 3/4-ton, W200 Power Wagon though it’s not badged as such, and that it has a 360 cu. in. V8 under the hood mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.

The ad says that this short-bed, step-side truck is “decent” shape but that the gas tank needs to be flushed — the seller is currently running the engine off of a gas can to avoid pulling old gas into the carburetor — and that the brakes may need some attention.

The ad also states that the truck utilizes 8-lug Dana 60 axles front and rear, though this is questioned by one of the bidders. A quick check on Wikipedia reveals that Dodge used the stronger Dana 70 axles until the mid-seventies.

The seller also states that the odometer reads 15,xxx miles. Could this really mean 115,xxx?

If you want to make a move, the auction closes on May 30th, 2:15pm PST. Bidding currently stands at a bargain $1775 with no reserve.

This fantastic Land Cruiser promotional video from the early 1980s, called Getting Through, demonstrates various driving skills filmed throughout Australia. It features footage from sandy beaches to snowy mountain tops and covers the following:

Rocky terrain
River crossings
Beach and dune driving
Winch anchoring
Snow driving

The tips and techniques (many of which were new to me), and animated illustrations are excellent. The vintage TV-detective-show soundtrack and mustaches are hilarious.

Very informative, very entertaining, and highly recommended.

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