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Let’s lighten things up with today’s video. I’m pretty sure the new VW Beetle Convertible is useless out on the trail but the commercial is funny.

When I was a kid I had a little matchbox-sized Matra-Simca Rancho from a German toy maker called Siku. I always like the look of the thing but didn’t know much about it. As an adult I found out it was a bit of a poser, a French entry into the off-road market, that didn’t even have four-wheel drive. In this clip, they really pushed the off-road image (and euro-pop soundtrack).

Although the mechanicals didn’t quite live up to the image it projected, I still think the design was ahead of its time.

I found this vintage Jeep Grand Wagoneer ad on Pinterest. I have a soft spot for 80s-era, sun-glinting-off-the-hood car ads. The Grand Wagoneer was America’s only luxury SUV until Range Rover hit the North American market in 1987.

Watch from 2:35 to 4:25. It’s pretty funny and just gets better. I didn’t know that early 60s sedans could plow through the back country like this, let alone that it was a selling point. The “Tread Lightly” principle obviously hadn’t come into vogue yet. “Nature Will Bow Down before Our Rear-Engined, Air-Cooled Might” seemed to be the axiom of the day.

Have you ever sheared a fuel line backing over a berm in your Jetta? Simple. Buy a vintage Corvair!