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This wonderful, narrated video details a trip made by a group of friends from England, throughout Africa, and back in 1959/60.

In Rwanda, known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” trips to rural villages can take four hours by truck (in the dry season).  In that terrain, delivering lifesaving medical supplies was often an impossibility. Now though, a Bay Area company named Zipline, working in conjunction with the Rwandan government, has introduced a fleet drones that make the trip in about 15 minutes. The drones fly about 60 mph, circle their target, and deliver their cargo by parachute (with an accuracy of a few parking spaces). Well done!

This English couple has written a photo book about their 5-month trip, north to south, through Africa. To do it they bought an 80-series Land Cruiser which they named “Indlovu,” the unstoppable elephant.

They’re currently pre-selling their book on Kickstarter.

Indlovu on Kickstarter

In 1993 three friends from New Zealand set out from Morocco on what would become an eight-year, eleven-part adventure through Africa, the Middle East, India, China, and Mongolia.

In their travels they saw the whole of human experience: war, corruption, but also great festivals, amazing desert cities, and friendly people of all creeds and colors.

These four videos detail their trip. By all evidence, it was epic. Read the rest of this entry »

Here’s an informative video on 4×4-based desert survival, including tips and tricks for sand driving. It also tells the tales of others that have been trapped in the desert and made it out alive, and others that weren’t so lucky.

Thanks for the tip, Greg!

Just a Pinzgauer 718K heading over the horizon in Tunisia.

A mash-up is a familiar concept: combine two disparate elements to create something new. But what if you start with one thing throw away half of it? Case in point: I came across this amazing story recently about a man from France who, after wrecking his Citroen 2CV in the Moroccan desert, decided his best hope for survival was to build a motorcycle out of the remains of his fatally damaged car.

The original story is in French but the link will take you to a Google-translated version. That said, the translation is a bit shaky. Take the term “camel face steel wheels” for instance. Do they sell those at the African Tire Rack? Still, it’s an ingenious piece of MacGyvering.