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At first this video looks like standard travel fare: some friends going down to Baja, having a look around. Then, at 1:22, they’re in a boat petting a whale. A whale!

It’s right next to the boat and they reach out and touch it like it’s a curious puppy. And maybe it sort of is, because it’s a baby whale. Then mama shows up — she’s huge — and… everything’s still fine! It’s totally amazing to me. I know whales calve there but I didn’t know it was like a petting zoo. Is this a normal thing down there? Seems like it. At 3:30 the video goes back to friends hanging out, playing music, etc., like it’s no big deal.

Freakin’ whales!

Here a team from a Kenyan group called Amboseli Trust for Elephants put their Land Rover Defenders to use pulling an eight-month-old elephant out of a well.

I don’t know if it’s the same baby elephant as in this video but if so, be careful little guy!