To co-opt an old saying, things sold by the pint are always going to be more expensive than things sold by the tanker truck. (Click the photo to see what I mean.)

Well, here’s to a local favorite wowing beer drinkers everywhere: Pliny the Elder, a double-IPA brewed by Russian River Brewing Company right here in Sonoma County. At $9 a pint it’s not cheap but it tastes fantastic (satisfyingly complex, with just a hint of sweetness). And at 8% alcohol by volume, it packs about twice the punch of your standard IPA. Worth noting.

Click here for an article about the beer and the lengths people go through to get their hands on it.

If you’re in Northern California, you can find it at Whole Foods, whose stores up here just happen to be having a 20%-off sale on beer tomorrow (Friday). Cheers!

Photo: Nik Schulz