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Natalie snapped this Land Cruiser FJ22 Blizzard in Northern California a little while ago. This cool (and rare) little 4×4 was based on the Daihatsu Taft. I posted about one of these a while ago. Check that post for more details.

Update 5/14/2013: In that post I wrote that the Marin county seller of the Blizzard I featured had previously sold a convertible version, claiming it was the only one in the country. If that’s true, this is that truck!

No, I’ve never heard of it either. According to Wikipedia, Daihatsu built the 4×4 Blizzard for Toyota from 1980 into the 90s. It was domestic market model (hence the right-hand drive), based on the Daihatsu Taft but utilizing the L-series, 2.2l, 4-cylinder, Toyota diesel engine. A 2.4l turbodiesel became available in 1984.

The seller says only two other hardtops exist in North America. The seller seems to be something of a collector as he sold a convertible version a couple of weeks ago, the only one in the country, according to the ad.

The seller states that this particular 1982 Toytoa FJ22 Blizzard is a Deluxe model which features a center dash console, better seats and climate control, an automatic glow plug system, and fender flares, among other items not fitted to the standard version. Aftermarket wheels and a bull bar were also fitted. Read the rest of this entry »