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This is one of my favorite Camel Trophy videos. It takes place in 1988 on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi. It also shows a bit of the driver training in England. Great footage.

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This video details the last ten years of Land Rover’s involvement with the Camel Trophy. It’s 90 minutes of non-stop action beginning in 1989 with Defender 110s in the Amazon to Freelanders driving across Tierra del Feugo in 1998. In all of the other years the Discovery features prominently. Enjoy.

Wow, here’s an original Land Rover Camel Trophy Defender 110 for sale on ebay. It was built for the Tanzania–Burundi event in 1991. The owner reports that it has had a major rebuild. Everything from the diesel engine, to axles, to paint has been addressed. What’s even better is that this particular truck is reported to have been a medical support vehicle for the event, meaning that it presumably didn’t suffer the grueling trail beatings that the competition trucks did.

I can only see two downsides to this truck: a) the $54,999 opening bid (no bidders as yet), and b) the fact that the seller states that it is not street legal.

Perhaps you can register it in Burundi?

Found on Expedition Portal.

More photos below.

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If you’re interested in brushing up on your off-road driving skills, you might enjoy these 80s-era Land Rover shorts based on the Camel Trophy Training regimen. These videos give a good overview of techniques for a wide variety of terrains and situations. If nothing else, it’s fun to watch old Defenders and Range Rover Classics doing their thing.

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