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I’m a fan of The New York Times’ Wirecutter reviews. In this one they offer their take on the best camping stove. If you don’t want to click over there, the Coleman Classic Propane Stove came in as their pick. At about $44 it seems like quite a deal.

Another stove, not included in the Wirecutter review that you might be interested in none the less, is the ultra-slim GSI Pinnacle Pro Stove. It boasts two 11,000 btu burners (compared to the Coleman’s 10,000 btu burners) and packed height of only 1.4″. This stove just came out and I think they’re still hard to find. Expect pricing in the $175 range.

In an effort to have an emergency shelter for anytime of year, I recently bought a “hot tent” (a tent that can be heated) and a camp wood stove to go along with it. I’d like to try it as well for 4-season overland camping.

I found two companies that both make tipi-style hot tents and camp stoves that seem to offer good value. The first is a Norwegian company called Gstove. The second is a Chinese company called Pomoly.

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I’ve been into learning about rocket stoves lately. They burn a small amount of wood but create strong draft in order to burn the wood more fully. This has a two-fold benefit: less smoke (which is actually unburned fuel) and greater efficiency. A company called StoveTec makes a small rocket stove for camping. It’s just over 10″ high and will burn any biomass you can fit in the 4″ x 4″ opening.

If you’re looking for a natural-fuel camp stove, this little beauty, with it’s ceramic combustion chamber and cast-iron stove top, could be it.

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