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If you’re looking for a treat for your sweetheart, or just looking for a way to take your camp kitchen to the next level, we’ve got a suggestion: Artisan Edibles jellies and chutneys. We bought a jar of their Champagne Rose Petal Jelly while visiting the Saltspring Cheese Company on Saltspring Island in B.C. and it’s absolutely amazing. Delicate, not overly sweet, it lasts longer than a bouquet of roses and tastes better too.

Their products are only available in western Canada, according to their website, but they do offer gift boxes available for shipping. They don’t list prices—I’m sure they’re not cheap—but if the rest of their creations are as good as what we’ve sampled, they’ll be fantastic.

Artisan Edibles Gift Boxes

Alex Hutchinson for The New York Times

There was a great article in the New York Times Travel section last month detailing four mens’ 12-day journey down the Snake River in the northern half of Canada’s remote Yukon territory.

A float plane drops them off at the Snake’s headwaters in the Mackenzie Mountains and from there they’re on their own, riding the 9-knot current north towards the Arctic Circle. It’s a great read and a rare glimpse into a virgin piece of wilderness.